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The Game of Baseball is more than what many described as America's game, it is, in this author's opinion, the Greatest game ever invented. I am a champion the game of Baseball and understand that the coming generation of world class athletics are all coming from the same place, Our Youth.

My father was born in 1895, at a time when Baseball struggled with the effects of racial segregation in America. I still remember listening to him talk about wanting to play baseball in the old Negro Leagues. But as I searched the History of the game of Baseball and the baseball field that I love, I was shocked to find that somebody has change and or, altered the History of Baseball.

Baseball history and we have been give a clinically edited version of the History of Game and I had to find out why.

I am not a historian nor am I a replacement for Wikipedia but what I am is a baseball, fan just like you, who will give you a look at the history of baseball with my view of "Baseball Between the Lines".

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Warren BallPark in Bisbee AZ

During its hey-day the park played host to Hall of Fame baseball legends. John McGraw led his Giants into Bisbee for an exhibition game against the White

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Wrigley Field was originally called Weeghman park, not Weegam park

Wrigley Field was originally called Weeghman Park after Charles Weeghman, who owned the Chi Feds of the Federal League , not Weegam park It is mis spelled

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older than Wrigley

False, Rickwood Stadium in Alabama is older than Wrigley and Fenway.

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Coleman Field at Oregon State University

The field was established in 1907, with the first game being played on April 12, 1907. Coleman Field, is yet another of America's Oldest baseball parks

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Columbia Park And Major League Baseball

Columbia Park was the place where "America's Game" grew up and became a Big Business.

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Youth Baseball Drills

Youth Baseball Drills for the Baseball Moms and Dads who are about to start teaching Youth Baseball Drills for the first time.

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Baseball Field History, More Than Just a Place to Play The Game.

The Baseball field has changed how we play the Game.

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Aplus MLB Apparel And Fanatics.com

Aplus-MLB Apparel and Fanatics.com.

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Aplus Footwear From K-Swiss

We here at Aplus Footwear are honored to be able to offer you one of the world's premiere collection of high quality sports footwear.

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American League Park, The Magic Behind The Name

American League Park was one of the first baseball stadiums built for Professional Baseball (Now the MLB).

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