Baseball Field History,
The Evolution of Our Fields of Dreams


  Baseball field history

Carl Bennett here and I am a avid baseball fan who loves the game of baseball. I have loved if for my entire life and suppose it will be part of me forever. The Game of Baseball and is more than what many described as America's game. It is, in my opinion, the Greatest game ever invented.

I am a champion of the growth of the game of Baseball and offer this Blog, "Baseball Field History", as a tribute to the best baseball baseball players who have ever played the game.  I challenge any of the best athletics in the world to come play this game and help take it to the Next Level. 

My father was born in 1895, at a time when Baseball suffered the painful effects of racial segregation in America.  I still remember listening to him talking about wanting to play baseball in the old Negro Leagues. 

the field

I am a baseball fan, just like you, who will give you a look at the history of baseball with a view from between the lines.

Starting with the first baseball game played on Elysian Field in 1856 to today's Ultra Modern retractable roof stadiums the history of the Baseball Field is truly magical.

When talking about the game of baseball the story of the Field itself hardly gets center stage but here we take a much deeper look.

Comiskey Park- Image content credit:
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Baseball History Should Be Sacred

When I searched the History of the game of Baseball and the baseball field that I love, I was shocked!

Somebody has change and/or altered the history of my game and that just didn't seem right. We have been given a clinically edited version of  baseball history and I had to find out why.

That is what sent me on a quest for the real stories surrounding the game that I love so much. I am not a historian nor am I a replacement for Wikipedia as they are much better in that space.

What I am is a baseball fan, just like you, who will give you a look at the history of baseball with a view taken from between the lines  and unfiltered.

Baseball Field History,The Game-The Field

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It is impossible to talk about one without the other. Like a shadow, the field that the game is played on has danced in harmony with the game of baseball itself.

Come celebrate the growth of the Baseball Field and its uncluttered design, a 90ft square tilted on its end.  It was a simple, uncomplicated, design waiting for an athlete to give it  formal structure.  

1.     In the Baseball History sections read how the game of Baseball has developed and explore some of the myths surrounding the origins of what we call America's Game.

2.     The Wooden Baseball Parks section gives an insightful look at the transformation of the Baseball Diamond in response to the rapidly growing fan base of baseball. 

3.     Share your favorite baseball field memories with me. I would love to help spread the word with fans like you.

Starting with the formation of the the NABBP (National Association of Base Ball Players) as its governing body, Baseball became a professional sport and the business of baseball  needed more space to showcase this new business.

By the end of 1865, almost 100 clubs were members of the organization. By 1867, it had over 400 members, including some clubs from as far away as San Francisco and Louisiana.

Together we will take a journey through some of the most memorable ball fields in American history. We will look at them through a unique prospective. A perspective designed and offer with you in mind. If I haven’t said it yet, thank You for coming to visit.

Think You Know The Game?

I'll test your baseball IQ and show how much you Don't  know about baseball's Fields of Dreams. 

See how baseball history was altered and later rewritten to expose the tinder underbelly of America's Game.   

It is impossible to talk about one without the other. Like a shadow, the field that the game is played on has danced in harmony with the game of baseball itself.

The Boys of Summer

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But even the glorious history of Baseball and its Field would not exist without the Boys & Girls of the Summer. The Athletes that play the game gave Baseball Field History its form and we visit some of the Greatest, many of which are in Cooperstown.

  • Babe Ruth
  • Ty Cobb
  • Jackie Robinson
  • Lou Grieg
  • Moses Fleetwood
  • Buck Oneal 
  • Bob Feller 
  • Honus Wagner
  • Walter Johnson
  • Effa Manley
  • Rube Foster
  • Connie Stone

Fun With Baseball

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But what would Baseball Field History be if we couldn't have some fun learning. Here I put an emphasis on fun to make your visit more enjoyable.

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Now let’s go exploring………..

We Love Baseball!

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Bennett Park 1890, Baseball's First Experiment With Night Ball
Bennett Park, Detroit Michigan was a park that existed before Tiger Stadium, The park's history goes back to the late 1890's and from 1896 to 1911 it was home to the Detroit Tigers Baseball Team.
Crosley Field, Where the Lights Came on Major League Baseball.
Crosley Field was described as an experience that transcended the game. It was home for the Cincinnati Reds for nearly 60 years.
Eastern Park 1890-Was Not Ready For Prime Time!
Eastern Park was one of the first sports stadiums built in America and it was built specifically for watching baseball games.
Fenway Park,……..21 Hall of Famers have called it Home.
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Hilltop Park, Was It Built Too Fast?
Hilltop Park, I need a Big League Ballpark and I need it in 6 weeks! Yea Right, and I've got a Bridge I want to sell you.
Shibe Park, A Place For The Fans.
Shibe Park was the first, baseball specific, stadium designed around the exclusive use of Concrete and Steel.
WrigleyField, Comes in Second to Wrigley Field?
The WrigleyField, built in Chicago, 1914, was one of two baseball parks built that carried the same name.
Anaheim Stadium, Where Los Angeles Angle Baseball History Dates back to 1903.
Anaheim Stadium was one in a series of Baseball Only stadiums that were a grand experiment by baseball owners to recapture the feel of Old Time Baseball.
Kauffman Stadium, Kansas City's Ageless Baseball Wonder.
Kauffman Stadium, The last of the Modern-baseball-parks built in the major league that, like a fine wine, keeps getting finer with age.
Modern-Baseball-Parks struggled to gain an identity. Am I a Multi-Purpose Stadium or am I a Baseball Stadium ?
Braves Field, “World Greatest Baseballpark”, Where Bigger Did Not Mean Better.
Braves Field was to be James Gaffney’s crowning achievement in baseball field design. It was the last of the first wave of (Jewel-Box) Concrete and Steel Stadiums.
Ebbets Field, The House That Charlie Built.
Ebbets Field, a stirring tribute to the Man, The Field and The Borough loved them both.
Comiskey Park, Chicago’s Piercing Declaration That We Are A Major City.
Comiskey Park was purchased and financed by Charles A. Crowsley in 1909 but the park was originally referred to as White Sox Park.
Forbes Field-"Dreyfuss's Folly"- Not!
Forbes Field, built in 1909, was described as "Dreyfuss's Folly". But history didn't agree.
Tiger Stadium, It took 50 Years to Get It's Name.
Tiger Stadium was the brainchild of Francis (Frank) Joseph Navin. It was built in 1912 as a replacement for the aging and outdated wooden structure, Bennett Park.
WrigleyField1 Los Angeles, Hey! I Was #1
WrigleyField1 was built as a home for the Los Angeles Angels in 1925. Did you know it was the first ball park to officially carry the name, Wrigley Field
Retractable-Roof-Ballparks, a better way to watch Baseball.
Retractable-Roof-Ballparks,.. After the transformation of the old wooden baseball stadiums to much more permanent structures, the baseball stadiums took on a life of their own.
Chase Field In Phoenix, Arizona,Too Hot Not To Put A Retractable Roof On It.
Chase Field was the First Retractable Roof Baseball Park in the United States but it was not the first in the MLB.
Minute Maid Park, MLB's Second Retractable-Roof-Ballpark
Minute Maid Park is described as a bandbox of a ballpark with two distinct personalities depending on whether its retractable roof is open or closed.
Miami Marlins Stadium,
Miami Marlins Stadium can best be described as Retractable Roof Ballpark on Steroids.
Miller Park Milwaukee
Miller Park Milwaukee is a Retractable Roof baseball park located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin. It is home to the Milwaukee Brewers and was completed in 2001 as a replacement for Milwaukee County Stadium.
Rogers Centre, Major League Baseball's First Retractable Roof Baseball Stadium.
Rogers Centre, Because the stadium was the first of its kind, the architects and engineers kept the design simple by using a sturdy dome shape and used proven technologies to move the roof.
Safeco Field, What Made It Unique?
Safeco Field, did you know that it is the 4th Retractable Roof Stadium built for MLB Baseball?
Wooden-Baseball-Parks...! Some Of Them Literally Caught Fire.
Wooden-Baseball-Parks,The First Baseball Stadiums Were Basically Wooden Baseball Parks. The Use of Wood Kept the Cost of Construction Down and Allowed Owners to Profit In Those Early Days.
Current Wooden Baseball Parks, Are there any still being used?
Where are the Current Wooden baseball parks today? You will be surprised to find that they are still being used, today
Baseball Betting System, What are they?
Baseball Betting System, the Fuel that powered the Growth of Baseball?
Barnstorming, and Baseball, A Match Made In Heaven.
Barnstorming was born as an early American marketing technique used to spread and disseminate information.
Famous Black Baseball Players who made it to Cooperstown
The First 5 famous black baseball players to make it to Cooperstown may just surprise you.
First Women In Baseball,
First-woman-in-baseball,Who will she be and does Baseball really care or is she already here?
Concussion Treatment In Baseball, Is the game Safe for our kids to Play?
Concussion Treatment! Your greatest fear has just unfolded right in front of your eyes, your child is hit in the head by a thrown baseball.
Concussions In Baseball, Is Our Game Safe?
Concussions in Baseball, is it changing our views on the dangers associated with playing the game? What is driving those fears and how do we manage them?
History of Baseball Revisited,...The Truth is Always better than Fiction.
The History of Baseball belongs to all of us and its glorious legacy is sacred. Why then has baseball history been manipulated and distorted to reflect an alternate reality?
moses fleetwood walker and race mixing in Baseball
moses fleetwood walker is credited with being the first Black baseball player to play in the MLB.
Rube Foster, Big, Black And Intimidating.
Rube Foster, was a Black baseball player trying to make a living playing baseball, through a time in history fraught with physical peril for blacks,
NABBP Brings Segregation to Baseball.
The NABBP was initially formed as an amateur organization but baseball was rapidly growing into a professional sport.
Oldest Baseball Stadium?..The Answer May Surprise You.
Oldest Baseball Stadium?.....It depends on how you ask the question. The Answer may surprise some of you.
Youth Baseball History - What Were The Kids Doing?
Youth baseball history, the place where the seeds of baseball were planted. Find out when we started teaching our kids how to play baseball?
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