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Baseball head gear-the Cubs 2016 "World Series champions" is here!

Chicago Cubs New Era 2016 World Series Champions Locker Room On Field 39THIRTY Flex Hat - Graphite/BlackSpecial Event Item


This is a special event item product and will be shipped separately. This item will be shipped no later than Tuesday, November 29th.

Vapor Swoosh Series

At Baseball Head Gear, this is the best time of the year and the best baseball of the season. With the World Series Champion being crowned  this  is the perfect time to check out the newest official MLB head gear Here.

I have put together a great collection of, Professional Quality, MLB Baseball Head Gear that, I think, is the finest anywhere. You will find hats in all sizes and styles to fit the most discriminating taste. 

From official on-field profiles to bucket styles, fitted to snapbacks, I tried to leave no stone unturned.  

All hats are brought to you through and affiliate partnership with my vendor and, yes, I do receive a small commission for every item you purchase.

I use that commission to defray the cost of my website and Blog but you pay NO premium on any of these product because of that relationship.

As a mater of fact I have leveraged that relationship to offer the absolute best price available on any Baseball Head Gear you choose.

Special offers and Clearance Sales are updated daily so you save while you sleep.

Baseball Head Gear,
Never Leave Home Without Yours

2015 has brought a whole new line of dazzling Baseball Head Gear for you to choose from and 2016 will bring even more.

All of our caps are themed for Baseball and the selections are broad. Sizes from small to big melons like mine , size ("8"). So don't worry we will fit you.

You will find Fitted, Shapbacks, Strapbacks, Buckets, Knits and Stretch Fits.

Collections include authentic 59Fifty exclusives, New Era Exclusives, 39Fifty, MiLB, and much more.

I've got hats to fill your every desire so come on in and Shop Now.

Clearance-MLB Caps

Reflective Series

You are going to love this new series of Reflective, MLB, Baseball head Gear. They are some of the new designs for 2015 that are simply stunning in both color and style.

Curved Bill

The classic Curved Billed MLB caps are still some of the all time favorites in both fit and durability. Match em' up with you favorite jeans or shorts and show off you Team Spirit.

Bucket Style

I live in Florida and it gets Hot and muggy in the afternoons. Load your Bucket up with some cold water and cool off you nugget with one of these durable head covers. Don't worry they can take it.


Also new for 2015 are these beautiful Pinstriped Series caps. Wear your Baseball Head Gear anywhere, except Church, and watch your friends ask, Where did you get that from? These are destined to become your favorite keepsake.

LTD & Exclusive Caps

The Isle Print Series is yet another New Series of Baseball Head Gear for 2015. I think you will like these also.

Thanks much for stopping by and come back often as I will be adding new Baseball Head Gear all Year Long.

When I started this article I found myself a bit confused. What was the Park's actual name?,  Was it Washington Park and if so Why? Who was in charge of naming these new structures? Why did they all have more than one name at the same time?

Well as it works out the blame lies with the Baseball Owners. Almost every new stadium built carried the phrase "Also Know As" and that is how the Fans liked it. It was actually the Fans that determined what name the stadium would carry. 

Brooklyn had it's Park but so did Chicago, Philadelphia, Ohio and Missouri. Each parks name was fueled by the neighborhood in which belonged. When you look at it there is no difference even in today's Baseball

The growth and popularity of almost every region of America was dependant on  the presence of a Professional Baseball Stadium.

The Stadium was one of those Historic Cathedrals but it would die before it's time.

It was clear that the ultimate value of a Baseball Stadium comes from the performances on the field. Those performances are made memorable because of the Athletics who played the game. Player acquisition became an art form and, often times that quest would, challenged the legal system.

Player stealing and Team Hopping became a way of life and ultimately led to the adoption of ,what is now, the Collective Bargaining System.

It was the Home runs that brought the fans to the parks and Eastern Park could not deliver. To add insult to injury the park was built in what was called the Dead Ball Era which exasperated the parks woe's


Home> (Baseball Field History, The Evolution of Our Field of Dreams)

Eastern Park & The Home Run

This new stadium was a Glorious Cathedral that was eagerly anticipated. This original, all wood, structures was built on a large parcel that allowed the field dimensions to be very large. The finished Stadium, like most of the time, was too big and didn't give the fans what they were looking for, the Home Run.

A Home run to left had to travel over 300 feet and clear a wall 25ft high. It took a shots of over 380 feet in the allies and over 410 feet to dead center.

It was the Home runs that brought the fans to the parks and Eastern Park could not deliver. To add insult to injury the park was built in what was called the Dead Ball Era which exasperated the parks woe's

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